Drawbacks Of Pocket Holes

drawbacks of pocket holes

The Drawbacks of Pocket Holes And Why You Should Avoid Them Introduction: To understand some of the pitfalls and drawbacks of pocket holes there’s a need to understand what the pocket hole method is. Pocket hole jigs are used for joining pieces of wood together. With the pocket hole method, you can join boards at … Read more

What is scraping in woodworking? 5 Reasons

what is scraping

Card scraping in woodworking is very valuable for some unique reasons. why it’s better than sanding in most cases and what kind of surface it leaves when done. There’s a few differences between sanding and scraping and why you should consider giving it a try. card and cabinet scrapers are a lot like hand planes … Read more

Let’s Talk Chisels And Sizes 6 Things Explained


Six things to know about woodworking chisels and sizes before you buy. What’s a decent set of chisels such as bench chisels, mortise chisels and paring chisels. Why buy quality chisels over cheap ones and what the differences are between the cheap ones and the quality ones. Determining what sizes of chisels to buy if … Read more

Hand Planes Instead Of A Power Jointer (3 Types +1)

learn about woodworking hand planes and why they are important to have for woodworking

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to woodworking or a seasoned woodworker, at some point you’ll find that hand planes serve a valuable purpose. In many instances they provide a cleaner and smoother cut than a mechanical jointer. The question is “how many types and sizes do you need to start woodworking”? The short answer … Read more