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biscuit joiners

Are Biscuit Joiners Useful?

A Complete Guide to Biscuit Joiners and How They're Changing Woodworking Introduction: What is a Biscuit Joiner, How Does it ...
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woodworking router table

Is A Router Table Useful? 

Router tables are useful in many ways. They can used to make straighter cuts and the depth of cut is ...
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trac saw and track

Thinking About Buying A Track Saw?

If your thinking about buying a tracks saw, there are some things to look at before you purchase it. Ask ...
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are electric hand planers any good?

Are Electric Hand Planers Any Good?

What Is An Electric Planer (Hand Tool) Good For? Power hand planers do have a place in the workshop and ...
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Why are pocket holes needed?

Pocket Hole Joinery 101, Is It Useful?

Woodworking: Pocket Holes Are A Must When I decide on a new project to build I don’t put a lot ...
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set up a work area

Setting Up A Workshop In 2021 For Woodworking

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types of wood sanders

4 Different Types Of Wood Sanders

Sanding Wood Projects Really Suck Yes it does but wood sanders make it easier and a lot more bearable plus ...
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jointer and planer

Jointer / Planer: Which Comes First?

Difference Between A Jointer And A Planer Believe it or not a lot of people really don't know that each ...
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drill press

Drill Press For Woodworking

What Is A Drill Press Used For? A lot of people just think that the drill press is used for ...
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cutting curves with a bandsaw

Woodworking Bandsaw: Let’s Cut Some Curves

What's A Bandsaw Used For? The main thing that a bandsaw can do that a table saw and a circular ...
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power miter saw

Miter Saw Tips And Tricks

What Is A Miter Saw Used For? As you're roaming around your work shop asking yourself "do I need a ...
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why you need a hand router

Woodworking: Why Do I Need A Router

The Router For The Beginner The router is one of my favorite wood working tools because of their many uses ...
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Power Tools 1

Table Saw Safety and Uses

Table Saw Safety Rules Table saws are a great addition to your power tool arsenal. As a matter of fact ...
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safely use a circular saw

Circular Saw Safety Rules

Hazards Associated with Circular Saws The hazards associated with circular saws is something that we all need to learn about ...
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how much space do i need?

How Much Space Do I Need For A Wood Shop?

Woodworking: Getting Started I find that when people are starting a woodworking project they get hung up on where they ...
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