choosing table saw blades

Choosing Table Saw Blades

How many different blades do I need for a table saw? Now that you’ve bought a table saw you have ...
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crosscut sled

Table Saw Crosscut Sled Uses And Benefits

Table saw crosscut sleds have many benefits and it's a really handy accessory to have for the table saw. Here ...
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reinforced miter gauge

Table Saw Miter Gauge Making Cross Cuts

The table saw miter gauge is just as important as the fence. Plus it can do a few other things ...
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learn what a rip fence is

What is A Table Saw Fence?

The table saw fence is a pretty important part of the table saw. Without it you won’t be able to ...
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insert plate

Purpose of A Router Insert Plate

The main purpose of a router insert plate is to make it easier to remove the router so that bit ...
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hand router base plate

What is the Purpose of the Router Base Plate?

The purpose of a router base plate is to make routing projects easier to do. They give you better control ...
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table lift

Is A Router Lift Worth it?

Is a router lift worth the money? I think it is for the simple fact that is saves a lot ...
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woodworking router table

Is A Router Table Useful? 

Router tables are useful in many ways. They can used to make straighter cuts and the depth of cut is ...
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sharpen router bits

Router Bit Sharpening

Router bit sharpening is something that you should learn how to do yourself. In the long run it'll save you ...
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maintain router bits

Router Bit Maintenance

Caring For Router Bits Router bit maintenance is crucial in woodworking if you want to get as much life out ...
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