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drawbacks of pocket holes

Drawbacks Of Pocket Holes

The Drawbacks of Pocket Holes And Why You Should Avoid Them Introduction: To understand some of the pitfalls and drawbacks ...
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what is scraping

What is scraping in woodworking? 5 Reasons

Card scraping in woodworking is very valuable for some unique reasons. why it's better than sanding in most cases and ...
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miter box

Mitre Boxes For Fine Woodworking

Mitre boxes are a great tool to have in the workshop especially if money is an issue. You can cut ...
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why are mallets needed for woodworking

Are Wooden Mallets Necessary? Yes (2 Explained)

Wooden mallets are extremely important to woodworking and deserve a place in your work shop. They won't damage chisels and ...
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Let’s Talk Chisels And Sizes 6 Things Explained

Six things to know about woodworking chisels and sizes before you buy. What’s a decent set of chisels such as ...
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learn about woodworking hand planes and why they are important to have for woodworking

Hand Planes Instead Of A Power Jointer (3 Types +1)

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to woodworking or a seasoned woodworker, at some point you’ll find that hand planes ...
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beginner woodworking clamps

Wood Clamps 101 | 5 Types

Wood Clamping Basics If you’re just starting out in woodworking, you’ll find that many tools are needed to start. Some ...
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Why are pocket holes needed?

Pocket Hole Joinery 101, Is It Useful?

Woodworking: Pocket Holes Are A Must When I decide on a new project to build I don’t put a lot ...
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