Best Beginner Carbide Woodturning Tools Of 2021

The Best Mini Carbide Woodturning Tools For The Money This review will be centered around the best carbide woodturning tools for the money. As a recap carbide turning tools are pretty popular these days because it takes all of the guess work out of how to present the gouges to the wood that’s being turning … Read more

5 Easy Simple Wood Lathe Projects

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Starter Wood Lathe Projects One does not just jump into woodturning and expect perfect results the first time around. If you do you’re just setting yourself up for failure. When you’re just starting out you need to go slow so that you can develop the skills and the confidence to become a good wood turner. … Read more

How To Sharpen Lathe Tools

Know When To Sharpen Turning Tools Now that you’ve invested the money in a good wood lathe and woodturning tools you might be asking yourself how do you sharpen woodturning gouges? The first thing to do before you turn the lathe on is to inspect the spindle and or the bowl gouges for sharpness. I … Read more

Bowl Turning Gouges With A Lathe

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Bowl Turning Gouges For Beginners’ There are many other things that you can make with a wood lathe other than just spindles. Such as wooden bowls made from logs or bowl blanks that you can buy. Interesting looking vases can also be turned and these are just a few of things that a wood-turner can … Read more

Carbide Woodturning Tools For The Beginner

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The alternative To Traditional Wood Turning Tools For those of you who don’t want to take the time to learn how to use the traditional types of wood turning tools I have good news. There’s another type that’s available to you which will put you on the journey of wood turning right away. Carbide woodturning … Read more

Wood Turning Tools (Basic Beginner Tool Kit)

Wood Turning Tools (Basic Beginner Tool Kit) 1

Traditional HSS Gouges To be successful in wood turning, you need to have a good set of chisels and gouges made of good quality high speed steel (HSS for short). There are two types but do the exact same thing. The traditional style of chisels’ and gouges’ have been around for many years, in fact … Read more

What’s A Lathe – Wood Turning Basics

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What Is Wood Turning Before we get into what a lathe is I think that it’s a good idea to discuss what wood turning is first. Wood turning is a different type of woodworking altogether. Basically what it is is taking something that is square or round in shape and transforming it into something that’s … Read more