Is A Router Table Useful? 

Router tables are useful in many ways. They can used to make straighter cuts and the depth of cut is more accurate too. If you do a lot of routing especially with longer boards it’s worth spending the money on one. It also free’s up both hands so you can concentrate more on what your … Read more

Pocket Hole Joinery 101, Is It Useful?

Why are pocket holes needed?

Woodworking: Pocket Holes Are A Must When I decide on a new project to build I don’t put a lot of thought into whether the technique I use is traditional or not. Instead what I like to do is focus on a more important goal which is finding the best possible balance of appearance, strength, … Read more


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4 Different Types Of Wood Sanders

sanders for wood

Sanding Wood Projects Really Suck Yes it does but wood sanders make it easier and a lot more bearable plus it’s a necessary evil if you want your finished wood project to really shine. I was a sophomore in high school when I found that out. I, like most people find sanding wood to be … Read more

Jointer / Planer: Which Comes First?

Jointer / Planer: Which Comes First? 1

Difference Between A Jointer And A Planer Believe it or not a lot of people really don’t know that each one of these wood working tools do different tasks and they wonder which one to buy first. The quick answer is if you think that you need one of them then you’ll need both. But … Read more

Drill Press For Woodworking

drill press projects

What Is A Drill Press Used For? A lot of people just think that the drill press is used for drilling straight perpendicular holes in wood and that’s true. Well believe it or not the press has more than one function especially when you add other attachments to it like the drum sander for example. … Read more

Miter Saw Tips And Tricks

miter saw tips

What Is A Miter Saw Used For? As you’re roaming around your work shop asking yourself “do I need a miter saw” to add to your collection of tools. Think about how much you would use one. Don’t go and buy something that you may only use a couple of times a year. To me … Read more

Woodworking: Why Do I Need A Router

woodworking: why do i need a router

The Router For The Beginner The router is one of my favorite wood working tools because of their many uses. So in this bundle of information I’ll answer the question “why do I need a router”? So to start off I want to make clear there are a couple of different types to choose from … Read more

Table Saw Safety and Uses

Table Saw Safety and Uses 2

Table Saw Safety Rules Table saws are a great addition to your power tool arsenal. As a matter of fact some consider it to be the best tool in the shop. The table saw is capable of cutting large pieces of wood into more manageable pieces for your wood projects. But the hazards of using … Read more

Circular Saw Safety Rules

circular saw uses and safety

Hazards Associated with Circular Saws The hazards associated with circular saws is something that we all need to learn about and take seriously.The circular saw can make any wood worker’s job much easier and more efficient if used properly. However, there are many hazards associated with this particular tool if you don’t know how to … Read more