Router Bit Set For the Beginner

there’s so many questions about which beginner router bit set should you buy. What kinds of bits are needed? What shank size to get or does it really matter. Are cheap bits any good if not then why? Beginner Router Bit Set What types of router bits does a beginner woodworker really need? That’s a … Read more

Do You Sharpen Forstner Bits?

If you don’t currently sharpen forstner bits, I would highly recommend that you learn how. There’s some good benefits for learning to do it. You’ll save so much money and time when you learn the basics, trust me it’s not difficult to do. It’s so much cheaper to learn the technique than going out and … Read more

Sharpen Spade Bits 3 Ways

Learn how to sharpen spade bits or other types of bit for that matter. In the long run you’ll save a ton of money that can be spent on other materials or tools. For someone new to wood working there’s an easy and affordable way to dress up a dull spade bit. On this page … Read more

What Is A Spade Bit Used For?

What is a spade bit used? Spade bits are mainly used for mainly rough drilling such as boring holes into 2X4’s, joists, sheet-rock plywood. It’s a handy all around tool to make holes of a larger diameter than regular drill bits. It’s more than capable of drilling not only through softwood but hardwoods as well.  … Read more

Forstner Bits Do’s and Don’ts

Forstner bits aren’t your normal type of drill bit. There’s some things that they do that others don’t. They can cut holes that are smooth bottomed as well as the sides. They come in handy for cutting mortises to make it easier to remove material with a mortise chisel. There’s some instances that you’ll want … Read more